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Will my session be kept private?

Yes your entire session is between you and I. Your images will be delivered via a password protected gallery. Although I love sharing my clients images in our group it is 100% your choice if and which photos are shared.

Where are your boudoir sessions done?

The most popular location is my Camper studio in Merrill but I can come to you or we can do them at a local hotel.

What do I wear for my session?

For convenience I offer a client closet with different styles of lingerie and robes in sizes Xs-4x. Of course if you prefer to spoil yourself a little I am always happy to give styling advice and stores for a little shopping therapy.

I would love to but I can't do my hair and makeup like everyone else?

Although I know you're gorgeous Au naturale`! Girl, same!! That's why I include professional hair and makeup before your session at Custom Style Salon in Hemlock. Let the pros nail that perfect barrel curl and smoky eye.

I'm so nervous, I don't know what I'm suppose to do with my hands and face. Can you help?

Relax and leave it to me! I help you with flattering poses and prompts to capture the most intimate and beautiful you. And if all else fails...wine! Lol

Do you do any editing of blemishes, stretch marks and stuff?

Yes absolutely! I edit out anything that isn't permanent (eg: pimples, scratches, bruises) automatically and then any other edits like stretch marks, scars, and body sizing are done upon request.

I really want a session with you but I just don't think I can afford it. Do you have a payment plan or something?

Yes, yes yes!! Boudoir photography is a luxury and although everyone would love to do it not everyone is able to. If cost is part of what's holding you back shoot me a message. I offer prepayment plans for every budget and accept credit card, debit, and PayPal / PayPal credit.